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Tips for using a guest room for home theater purposes

by Yvette McNeil 06/10/2024

If you want to make the most of unused space at home, consider repurposing a guest room for home theater purposes. If you have a spare bedroom you aren’t using regularly, you’re sitting on great potential for a miniature movie sanctuary.

But what happens when you do have guests? Luckily, there are some clever ways to turn a guest room into a multipurpose space and home theater.

Consider a futon or convertible bed

Home theater room sizes vary from one household to another, but room size is especially important when designing a home theater which can also accommodate a guest. Home theater room dimensions typically rely on plenty of seating oriented to face a TV or projector screen, which leaves very little room for the usual bedroom furniture.

One great way to make more space is to use a futon or convertible bed. When folded up into a sofa or love seat form, the bed can provide home theater seating. Futons and pull-out beds come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any home theater room size.

You can add more seating options while still saving space by using cushioned folding chairs and stowing them away when not needed. When it’s time for guests, stow away the extra chairs and transform your home theater seating into a comfy bed within minutes.

Store components safely

To make sure you have enough space for your guests, proper storage and organization is crucial. The best home theater room will have excellent surround sound, perfect lighting and a properly sized viewing screen.

You might even have multiple forms of media device like DVD or Blu-ray player, video game consoles or smart TVs. To save room space, try storing your components vertically, either on floating shelves or in tall, narrow cabinets.

Save space by opting for a smaller TV screen size and an efficient surround sound system. Sound bars are an exceptional choice for maximizing sound quality while still saving space for guests and their belongings.

These are only a few ways to combine your guest room with your home theater room. By starting with these basics, you can find the best fit for your household’s entertainment needs.

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